Andy Warhol

Me, Myself and I

May 1 to July 9, 2006
Altes Rathaus
Ingelheim am Rhein

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The subtitle of this exhibition ”Me, Myself and I“ suggested a play with the superficial and the perceived, with appearance and reality, and with the manifold facets of any one person. A free rendering of Arthur Rimbaud: ”I is another“ or of Sigmund Freud: ”The id, the ego and the super-ego.“

This exhibition of Andy Warhol‘s work, a concise selection in essayist form, presented works that, in their very diversity and contrariety, highlight the artist‘s chameleon-like qualities. If each work or each statement were to be placed side by side, there would emerge from myriad pictures one picture that reflects the different perceptions and interpretations of his artistic personality. A picture that, behind the colourful image of the silverwigged Pop star, reveals a shy, almost timid person who observed and documented the face and depths of his time with a cool distance. Not without humour or imagination. And not without a certain melancholy.

The exhibition included 140 works – paintings, prints, photographs – from museums, galleries and private collections. It was divided into seven different chapters: Some of Me, All is Pretty and Shadow & Light on the ground floor – Du bist Deutschland, Most Famous, Death in America and Art for Children on the first floor.

Andy Warhol – Me, Myself and I

25 x 19,5 cm, 210 Seiten

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