Exhibition Hall

Since 1984, exhibitions in connection with the Internationale Tage festival have been held at the former Town Hall of the city of Ingelheim, located in the historic district of Nieder-Ingelheim. Situated in a quiet area just a stone’s throw from the ruins of Charlemagne’s imperial palace, this two-story building dating from the late 19th century features striking round windows and bells that sound every hour. The Old Town Hall has been closed for expansion and renovation since the summer of 2015.

To mark the reopening of the Old Town Hall in Nieder-Ingelheim, the Internationale Tage is proud to present the ‘Mensch! Skulptur’
exhibition, opening on August 12, 2018. After closing three years ago for expansion as well as extensive renovations, the Old Town Hall is reopening with a new look. The building, which has been held in high renown as the venue for the Internationale Tage since 1959, now features a brand-new entrance with a spacious foyer, a new underground exhibition space, four galleries housed in the modernized Old Town Hall, and a new visitor-friendly design, which offers barrier-free access around the exhibition center.

Exhibition visitors and guests from Ingelheim’s nearby Saalgebiet area are also welcome to sit and enjoy coffee, cake, and light fare at a cozy café in the historic pavilion behind the Old Town Hall with additional seating in the courtyard.

Kunstforum Ingelheim – Altes Rathaus
François-Lachenal-Platz 1
55218 Ingelheim am Rhein
(Stadtteil Nieder-Ingelheim)