At home, from 1900 to today

April 28 to July 7, 2024
Kunstforum Ingelheim – Altes Rathaus

Kunstforum Ingelheim – Altes Rathaus >

For organisational reasons, the “John Elsas” exhibition planned for autumn can unfortunately not take place in 2023.

Home is where we spent our childhood, where our loved ones are, where we feel comfortable and safe, where we find acceptance and security. It’s where we recharge, spend our free time and engage in our hobbies, where we can be ourselves and do what we like, where we work and take care of household chores. But it’s also where we experience sickness and sorrow, and where some have to endure hardship.

The exhibition of around 100 works, ranging from the end of the 19th century to the present, illustrate activities, experiences, and perceptions of everyday homelife. They include works made of paper, paintings, photographs, videos, and sculptures that examine the various levels of significance of this defining space in five different thematic areas:

Home as a place of privacy
Home as a place of family and safety
Home as a place of threat
Home as a place of leisure and idleness
Home as a place of work.

Being able to experience private places (of refuge) is of significant importance in all phases and situations if life. These works assembled from museums, private collections, and studios enable a high degree of identification but at the same time also question various situations.