Corona Notes

Dear visitors of the Internationale Tage 2021

Below we answer some possible questions about the opening of this year’s exhibition Käthe Kollwitz. Reality & Emotion in times of the COVID-19 pandemic:

What have the Internationale Tage done to ensure the opening of the Kunstforum Ingelheim – Altes Rathaus?

Safety and hygiene measures were introduced for visiting the exhibition during the Corona pandemic. These are based on the regulations of the state government of Rhineland-Palatinate, the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and the recommendations for action of the German Museums Association. The concept was coordinated with the city of Ingelheim and the hygiene regulations of Boehringer Ingelheim.

Is it compulsory to wear a mouth guard?


Are contact details registered?

In order to trace possible chains of infection, we are required to always record the contact details of our visitors. The staff at the cash desk will therefore note down your first and last name, address, telephone number/email. For hygiene and data protection reasons, it is important that this is not done by the visitors themselves. The data will be kept for 6 weeks, after which the lists will be destroyed.

How is the safety distance ensured?

  1. Admission regulations (if possible, by pre-booking by telephone or email) and floor markings
  2. Limitation of the number of persons
  3. General routing by staff and floor markings

Furthermore, the lift in the Old Town Hall may only be used by one person (exception: max. 1 assistant).

Is the number of visitors regulated?

Yes, there is a set number of visitors staying in the building as well as set numbers of visitors in various exhibition rooms. We indicate this at the appropriate places through clearly visible notices. Staff at the entrances ensure that the respective maximum number of visitors in the individual exhibition rooms is observed. Please follow the instructions of the staff. Visitors book a time slot after which they should leave the exhibition building.

Should I expect waiting times?

The restrictions on the number of visitors for the individual areas and the marked traffic routes serve to comply with the necessary spacing rules. We try to minimise waiting times as far as possible. However, we cannot rule out the possibility of waiting times. In this case, we ask for your patience.

What hygiene measures are taken?

Disinfection dispensers are provided in the entrance area and in the toilet area for hand disinfection of our visitors. The cash desk is equipped with a Plexiglas protection. Staff members who come into direct contact with visitors wear mouth and nose coverings. The cleaning concept is so intensive that surfaces, door handles, handrails and lockers are cleaned several times a day.

Is the café open?

Yes, the café is open for our visitors and can be entered via a separate entrance. Both in the café and in the outdoor area, the tables are placed in such a way that the minimum distance is ensured. Entering and leaving the café is only permitted with mouth-nose protection, which may be removed at the table. Disinfected tables are marked by a green card and may be occupied.

Please understand that the number of seats as well as the range of food and drinks is limited.

Is the museum shop open?

Yes, the museum shop in the new entrance foyer is open during general opening hours. However, visitors will only reach it at the end of the tour through the exhibition.

Will there be guided tours of the exhibitions?

Yes, but only after booking by telephone or in writing and with a maximum number of persons of currently 12 or 18. This also applies to the public guided tours.